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Is Abantecart emerging or dying?

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I have watched Abantecart for some time, I like it, enough so, that I want to replace opencart as the basis of a "shopify" alternative that we offer.
However, ALL emails to the admin have gone unanswered over a period of months and the forum is not very active...
As you might well imagine the length of issues we might have later when we need to change hundreds of clients websites back to opencart, we need to make this move from an educated view.
We want to support this project, however, when our clients look for a solution, we need to be able to assist them, even with advanced issues.
What are your opinions? what would you do in our situation?

Nuno Neff:
I mooved from opencart to Abantecart along time ago, its true that open cart has much more extensions and themes but nothing compares to Abantecart iregarding simplicity in admin and surf friendly in storefront, things have improved a lot, and dont be affraid of changing...only that way we will get better if people come and support those that make new addons and new themes.

The vast number of plugins and themes can sometimes create confusion in the end users mind, these are great for the designer or freelancer working for the end user, however, we are looking to compete in the DIY market, so simplicity is key, yet customers will have support needs, as we are offering this product, it is us they will contact, most questions will be routine, but the few that are not are the ones that we may need to reach out to Abantecart or the community for answers, but we will need to do this in a very timely manner.
I have no issue paying for support, but it is nice if the one that wishes to be paid for support actually answers the pre sales emails sent to them.
In short, I am looking to build a long term relationship with something that seems disinterested in that relationship...

I would not say Abantecart is dying. Developers are prety active and my extensions are moving on the marketplace.
We work with both opencart and AbanteCart for the clients. Yes, opencart has more extensions but, there are many that are junk.
I prefer Abantecart over opencart because of interface and more sofisticated core and extension API.

Abantecart team is working on version 2.0 that suppose to be very powefull. I checked it some time ago and it looked promising.

We are OK and emerging. Version 2.0 is moving and we will try to accelerate its arrival. 
There was a temporary slowdown with v2.0 due to increased custom requests, Marketplace updates and new version 1.2.17

Also, we get lots of positive direct feedback and good reviews on third party websites.


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