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Is Abantecart emerging or dying?

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I still have hope for abantecart

We have many things in a pipeline and couple are very interesting.
Unfortunately this plans are moving slow, as our team is pilled into different directions to keep existing customer happy.

I am setting more priority on upcoming features that are inline with new marketing strategies.

Not to put too fine of a point on it,  but October 11, 2017, was the initial post of 2.0 starting post.  Third anniversary and still counting.

We are no longer sitting on the edge of our seats in anticipation.  For me it has moved to a feeling of dread as to what pitfalls we're going to experience in conversion from v1  to v2.  I sincerely hope for  what portents to be a major change will be better tested by MORE of us users and extension developers prior to launch so the prior shortcomings of version updates are not replicated.

After 7+ years using AbanteCart we are committed to AbanteCart and know that it has great merit even in spite of some major failures in some upgrades. 

Regards, with my fingers crossed for excellence
Lee  from the WHY2 support team

Coming back to check on the Abantecart, it's nice to see there's plan for updates still. Lets hope 2021 will see some updates and growth with 2.0 release.


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