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Is Abantecart emerging or dying?

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I do not see any slow down. In opposite, we have a spike of activity.

nexxterra, where did you send your requests? We cover most of the questions in this forum. If you sent a support request to our email, we reply as well, but so you know, there is no free support via emails.

Mine was not a support request, it was a presales email sent to the correct place re the link for partners/requests on the website
I am not looking for anything free, I just need to know that our team can get answers in a timely manner from Abantecart when needed. Most of our team are advanced level, either full server admins, programmers or just a lot of ecommerce experience with a number of platforms, they will answer the typical, mundane questions for the clients, however, the odd time something come up that they can not figure out, it is nice to know they have a place to turn...and I see many posts here very dated with no replies, we have no issue in forking over some cash when needed.


--- Quote from: abantecart on October 12, 2020, 07:45:54 AM ---We are OK and emerging. Version 2.0 is moving and we will try to accelerate its arrival. 
There was a temporary slowdown with v2.0 due to increased custom requests, Marketplace updates and new version 1.2.17

Also, we get lots of positive direct feedback and good reviews on third party websites.

--- End quote ---

Please tell me you are not going to do what opencart did and make 2.0 incompatible with all plugins and previous versions?

It is a shame that we missed your email. Usually, we reply to all sales/partnership emails as we get them within 24 hours. If you could resend, will reply to you.

About version 2.0. The intention is to keep older extensions compatible, but sometimes it is a challenge.

Of course it is a case by case basis with plugins, but OC changed their entire system so NO 2.X plugins worked. This left many plugin authors concentrating on wordpress plugins and the selection of plugins dropped off a lot.
I have never understood how improvement or updates could ever mean removing features or functionality...


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