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Andrew Wolczyk:
I just installed AbanteCart for the first time.  Everything seems to be working fine apart from the Home button and logo image.  When I click on either of these they direct me to mydomain/my_subfolder/install/  I need them to direct me to mydomain/my_subfolder/index.php  Which file do I need to modify to get these to direct to the right place? Any help appreciated.

Seems you might have installed manually

After the Installation

    Once the installation is complete, it is strongly recommended that you bookmark or remember your control panel link. Delete install directory from your AbanteCart installation and set only read permission for the system/config.php and /index.php file! Set with 644 or 640 permissions (444, or even 400 depending on your server setup). Only working directories needs to be 777 as cache, resources, images, logs. PHP files should not be 777 on live site.

the above is from the manual (link is in the header of this forum)

Welcome to AbanteCart.

Andrew Wolczyk:
Thank you for coming back to me.  I did a one-click install from my web provider so the whole process was automated as far as I was concerned.  I did delete the install folder and, now you have pointed me in the right direction, I am changing the permissions on the files outlined.  However this still won't stop the site redirecting back to the install folder will it?  I think I'm going to have to go into the code and change the redirect manually.  BTW I have used the update module to update the site to the latest version.  I'm almost ready to go live I just need to change this redirect.

did you install with https?  or only http?   If https,  are both of your urls in the system - settings - system using the correct url?

there is a link to the htaccess for rewrite

Andrew Wolczyk:
Thanks for the follow up. 

I installed with https  and both urls in the settings are showing https. 

I installed the software into a subfolder.  Is the .htaccess file the one that is located in mydomain/my_subfolder/.htaccess ?

If it is I can't see anything wrong with it (although I'm not really sure what I'm doing).

I was expecting it to be a php file with some code that pointed to /install/ 


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