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I am really loving this cart and only have a small suggestion:

I design and maintain free websites for animal rescues and they are always looking for simple ways to raise money, having an auction is a good simple way.

I can do it now pretty much the same way that they do it on facebook by using the review section to post bids and making the stock less than what is required so no one can purchase auction items, but a very basic and simple auction feature would be really great!!  You can see what I mean here, I have created a category for items to be auctioned only:


Is something like this possible?  If not would it be something I could have made custom for me?

I think others would appreciate this feature also.

This is something that is not currently in our road map. We can discuss this in PM.


--- Quote from: abantecart on July 13, 2013, 03:34:16 PM ---This is something that is not currently in our road map. We can discuss this in PM.

--- End quote ---

Was there any change of mind on this?

Creating an auction is not something we plan. This development will require funding from some source.

This is a good candidate for someone to create as an extension.

The Auction feature extension https://marketplace.abantecart.com/auction  ;)
Auction has many features such as:
* Set and manage multiple independent auctions
* Reserve pricing
* Settable starting price and more


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