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Price Keeps changing & Taxes not working


I have a few issues, my prices is set to CAD $24.99 but it rounds up to $25, it doesn't matter if I have tax set to none or taxable goods. I can't keep it from doing this. I also can't get the taxes to work. I followed the tutorial in the help section but it just won't ad taxes (HST 13%). Any idea what I am doing wrong?

I have even tried adding the 13% to the price to make $24.99 to $28.24, but it rounds down to $28??? I have Canada by individual provinces all set tax rates to 13%, under tax classes.

Any idea of what I am doing wrong?

First, check your CAD currency settings and make sure you set decimal places to 2
Make sure you CAD is a base currency

Taxes are applied based on customer delivery address if you visit your site as a quest Taxes are not applied because no address known. Try to start the checkout, select the address within Canada, and your Canadian rates (region etc).

And last thing products may have different Tax classes or do not have it,  check is the product in your cart have Tax class set


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