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Google ReCAPTCHA not showing on website and preventing account creation

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an update:
I made it works with captcha 2, it shows the truck, hydrant and any picture.
However, whatever it is - even the check mark is checked on the "I'm not a robot". When you click continue, it said "Human verification has failed! Please try again."

Did you connect your domain to any "optimizators" like Cloudflare or another CDN services?

Hi, I am having the same issue. The checkbox is not shown on the contact us page and the form cant be send because of human veirfication error.

I checked all four of your checklist and all looks fine.
The only idea i have is about the keys. When i enroll reCaptcha settings to create a key, google gives 1 key only and it seems to be the site key. So i really have no idea, after googling it for long, where to get or create the secret key.

Any ideas please?


You should add both keys to make it works. Please note ReCaptcha v2 and v3 have different set of keys


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