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Having difficulty creating a new store within Abantecart

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Andrew Wolczyk:
I'm struggling to create a new store within Abantecart.  I have my default store set up and running.  I wanted to create a new store with a different domain name so I changed to DNS nameservers to point to the default store and then created the new store within Abantecart.  From the backend the new store looks as though it exists.  I can switch between the default store and new store no problem at all -  the categories and products show up as the should for each store.  However the new domain name takes me to to default store and not the newly created one.  What am I doing wrong?  What settings do I need to change?  I've tried following the manual but that almost exclusively focuses on creating a new store as a subdomain which is not what I want to do.  Any help is appreciated.

You need to make sure your new domain directed
1. to DNS servers where your AbanteCart files hosted
2. to the directory on the server where AbanteCart files located
3. Check that Store Url in your AbanteCart admin is setup correctly. For example, and is not the same

Ask your hosting support to help you

Andrew Wolczyk:
Thanks to coming back to me Basara.  I'm caught in a bit of a loop here as my hosting support is telling me to get in touch with Abantecart and the forum is telling me to get in touch with hosting support.  I think I have done everything you suggested but I'll double check.  As the new domain is loading the default site the DNS servers and the directory files must be right.  Correct?  I'll look at the admin setup.  It's set up for www.  but I can try it the other way too.

What is your default store URL? Please check it should be www or another sub. too in order to work correctly.
Also in the AbanteCart admin panel check that both stores have status is ON

Andrew Wolczyk:
The default store is located at www .elvisstuff. co. uk  The new domain is www .andrewsstuff. co. uk  Both domain names return the same site.  BTW thanks for taking the time to try and help me out with this.


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