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Gary Tayman:
First off, installing AbanteCart has been a wonderful experience!  Support has been outstanding!  I now have my online store configured, it's up and running, I'm getting orders, and things are humming along smoothly.  I am grateful.

But now with a new year, I've just got thrown a new curve.  On the site I sell stereos designed to fit classic cars.  Each of these stereos is available to custom-fit a specific car, a Mustang for example, another fits a Camaro, yet another fits a 57 Chevy, etc., such that a single model, such as a USA-630, has lots of SKU numbers to match the various car models they support.  It's all in place and working well.  Now for the curve -- certain stereo models are now available, bundled with a Bluetooth module for a special price.  In other words you can buy a stereo for a 57 Chevy, or for a little more, you can buy the stereo bundled with a Bluetooth module for a price savings over buying each separately.

So ideally, when a customer sees a description of a certain stereo, he can see the price for the stereo itself, and also a price for the stereo bundled with the Bluetooth.

How is this done?  This is new territory for me.  If you have information on how to proceed, I would greatly appreciate it.  Thanks!

Add an option with price modifier to your product

Gary Tayman:
Thanks!  I printed that out and will try this very soon.


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