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I've spent weeks setting up my shop on AC. It was all set to be launched today. Then, for some reason, I allowed pop-ups and realised I have a big problem.

It appears that the AC files on the server have been corrupted with malware. When each page loads the browser shows information transferring from, rather than from my site. The ensuing pop-ups are porn.

We have restored a back on the server from two weeks ago but unfortunately the malware is still there. This was with version 1.2.15??  we think.

Help?! Suggestions? Please!  This shop is meant to be my livelihood.

Many thanks in advance

Hello Sebnose,

I am sorry that your site was hacked.
You can try to scan your files/directories and see what files were created or modified recently.

Alternately, you can install new AbanteCart and copy your existing database and resource files to it.
If you have purchased extensions, you can reinstall them.

Second option will be the simplest and fastest.

Thanks for your reply. We've paid to clean it (£50) so fingers crossed that holds up. They said the database was also infected  :-\.


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