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No Payment method available to select on check out

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I set up free shipping and also paypal to pay for my products, as a test. However, on the check out page, the payment option shows up but cannot be selected. Instead of an empty radio button, there is a line through the circle.

When I try to proceed, it says "Error: Payment method required!" You can see the screenshot in the attachment.

Also, if Abantecart developer/staff are reading, please make it possible to post screenshots and images directly on this forum by copy and paste, it is very tedious to post a link to a third party hosted image, and the link might get broken anyway, or, to save and upload an attachment.


The standard PayPal work with the redirection to the PayPal site so it will not work with the embed. Try PayPal Pro or Stripe payments

I tried to purchase the product on the non-embed version. It lets me select PayPal, but then an error still says "Error: No Shipping options are available. Please contact us for assistance!"

On a side note, how do I redirect the "contact us" link to something specific instead of the default Abantecart page?

The Error: No Shipping options are available appears when you did not configure or configure incorrectly the shipping methods in your store. For example, you limit your shipping to a specific Location but the customer address is outside configured location

Thanks for the clarification.

As far as I know, I added the customer location, currently there are 3, Australia, Canada and the United States. Canada and the US were there by default, I added Australia and then turned it on in the settings but it will not accept Australia at all. I just tested America and it worked fine. Any ideas?


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