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Pre-order and delay processing payment


I will be listing a new product for pre-order.  I need 25 orders before I can fulfill orders.  So, I would like to accept orders, take the customers payment info but delay processing the payment until the 25 orders have been met.

How to do?

I had the same question with a pre-order I made for natural fabric on my website.

The only solution I found was with my payment processor. I use stripe so this is what I did. I went to my stripe extension and under 'additional settings' I selected 'delayed' settlement type. In this setting payment is authorized but not captured. Then you have to go to stripe's dashboard and capture the payment manually from there.

The problem though is that stripe and probably other credit card processors will hold the authorization for just a few days and then reverse the hold.

In my case the pre-order was to be open for a couple weeks. This meant most captures would have been reversed or voided and I would have had to dig info from stripe reports to obtain cc info and then manually create a new invoice and pay. Big hassle.

I have seen other websites do this. Like allowing someone to place an order prior to an item being back 'in-stock.' I wish I knew how they do that. Maybe they have some special app...

The Capture and Authorize modes are available in PayPal and and others payments

I took a quick look at the PayPal information on this issue.   Is there code I need to write to accomplish this?  I'm not particularly fond of needing to do that.   Is there an AbanteCart add on that will do this for me?

Check settings in your payment extension


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