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Issue with credit card brute force

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I disabled the guest check out. However, the credit card processor requires Captcha in the check out as requirement for now.

I also encountered this case. Someone enters more than 7,000 times in the credit card number input box.

Now Cardconnect has disabled my account, until I can add Captcha in this section.

Don't know if this issue has been updated in the latest versions. I am still using the old version 1.2.15.

I can pay someone who can help me to add the captcha to this section.

Disable the Guest checkout, enable the captcha for account registration and you can enable the new accounts email verification to prevent fake emails to register.

I have done all your tips.

Thank you for your support.

BTW, Just signed up with Stripe instead of Cardconnect and I feel so much better.

Thanks for the tips.


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