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AbanteCart 1.3.0 Beta is released


Hello AbanteCart users,

We have released 1.3.0 beta version.
NOTE: It is not recommended to use this version in production yet.

To get source to install:

To test upgrade from 1.2.16 with key : abantecart_upgrade_130
or URL:

Report issues here:

Thank you for contributing into testing AbanteCart. Even a small help is very appreciated.

This is not a bug,  more of a question as why?
On a new install of v 1.3.0,   with the testing site NEVER having been connected to the MarketPlace
I am wondering why the warning  for Card Connect shows up on the extensions list.
Screen shot attached.

thanx for your reply.

Hello, llegrand.
Thank you, it is a known issue and the AbanteCart team is working on it. Please report bugs on Issue Tracker

With a new major release, it would sure be nice if the default template was upgraded - maybe a new look.

At a minimum, upgrading Bootstrap would be nice.


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