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Bill Gowacki:
Hello all,
How do I remove the 'Contribute link' from the bottom right corner of my shop?

Bill Gowacki:
.....Is this a normal reaction to a post? 22 views and NO answers. Any help would be appreciated....please.

Wow,  open source (free) great cart.   Maybe the 22 views  didn't know the answer.   There is even SEARCH on the forum, and I know there are a lot of answers to this.

AND, there is a GREAT manual (see the link at the very top of this page that answers a great many of newbie questions.

Here's the link to yours:

Just find the block in the footer area and disable.   Depending on how much you changed in your site,  you may need to adjust EACH page.

Sometimes,  help is within your control  ;),  learn about the tools that are already here to assist you and you won't have to wait on others to have time or knowledge to help.

Bill Gowacki:
WOW.....didn't mean to 'push your buttons' IIegrand! Just asked for help not ridicule. I would have removed the link from the footer block BUT it is NOT showing! The feature was removed but still shows. I did search for answers but found none. If you'd rather 'belittle' members then I really don't want to bother you.

what do you mean the block is not showing?   Did you check ALL of the pages in the design?  each one can be set with different blocks.

did you clear your PC browser with Cntl+F5 to force a refresh?


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