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Hi All,
First of all I would like to Introduce myself. Iam Muji from Indonesia, Before knowing AbanteCart cart I used Opencart and prestashop to built onlineshop for my friends, at two of that, it's quite easy to translate/edit manually from english to Bahasa Indonesia, besides many extension support that. But in AbanteCart I get confused how to do that because in fact the file is in .xml and I am not an expert of that. One way is by using google translate extension but it's a paid extension (I just want to start my own online shop and really like abantecart at first sight, so if there is a cheaper way I will take it). Thank you for being attentive and wait for reply.

Mas mujee @

It has been explain couple of times on the forum why XML for languages and how to translate.

Please see this posts and manual below:,133.msg341.html#msg341,792.msg2897.html#msg2897

We have covered the reason for this in the document below (look for Languages and translations):


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