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Coupon Use Differences


Hi everyone.

Can someone help me understand the difference in uses for coupons. I see that coupons currently have two uses:
1) Uses per coupon
2) Uses per customer

Let's say my store has 500 registered customers and I have created a coupon for 10% off (see attached screenshot).

My understanding is that "uses per customer" means that a customer can only use a coupon once and "Uses per Coupon" means that a coupon can only be used once.

My question is the following:

Using the above example, am I correct in thinking that when adding a coupon, you must choose either per customer or per coupon? You can't have both as in the attached screenshot?

If you can have both, does that mean that if one customer uses a coupon, the other 499 will not be able to use it?

Hope this question makes sense.

The "Uses per coupon" is a total of all. Per customer is a limit how many times a customer can apply coupon.

Thank you for your help

Thanks, it's what I supposed, too, but I wanted to double-check. THat's great to have the option to make coupons with several uses, maybe for some special promotions or when you're trying to promote some combos!


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