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AbanteCart 1.3.0 is oficialy released.

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New version of AbanteCart 1.3.0 is now released.

Master branch is set to be 1.3.0.

New Features and improvements highlight:

Nuno Neff:
Hey Basara how can i update my abantecart to last 1.3.0?

A word of caution to AbanteCart users  that have extensions purchased from the MarketPlace:

PRIOR to updating your cart version to the latest 1.3.0,   check your extensions and be sure there is a version that supports the 1.3.0.

Even though the beta 1.3.0  was announced a couple of weeks ago,  it usually takes MarketPlace devs a few days to test the FINAL release with this extensions to ensure all is working together. 

Once you determine all your MarketPlace extensions have a version noted to support the newest 1.3.0,  then schedule your updating for one session -  Cart first,  then each of the MP extensions. 

Don't forget to test on a non-live site for any issues.  For those of you who have Softaculous in your cPanel (or the equivalent)  there are cloning and staging that will assist.   For more details on Softaculous you can refer to our WHY2 AbanteCart Information Hub FAQs

The 1.3.0  has some good updates and fixes in it.  Enjoy,  but update properly.

The Why2 Support Team

Amazing Development.

Tell me how the Wodrpress integration works?

My DB is messed up.


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