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Auto unzip a ZIP file of resources

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It would be very helpful to upload a ZIP file with resources (e.g. PDF, images, etc...) and have AbanteCart automatically unzip the file and add the individual files to the product.

timlight10, this sounds like a good feature, but there are some concerns.
1. it is an advanced feature and can cause unexpected results for some users. Cannot be bluet prove.
2. Will not work well on all hosts without additional server configuration.

P.S. Part of this can be achieved with the existing import. Your resources would need to be uploaded prior or exist on remote public URL

1. Can you elaborate what the troubles might be? For example I can think of "what happens if there are folders inside of the ZIP"? I'd say we should import files in any subfolders. Ignore any unsupported or non-matching file types. e.g. if uploading a ZIP of images to the PDF section, ignore all files.
2. What kind of server configuration? I can help write the documentation.

How would this be better than existing product import/update?

That requires setting up a whole file, etc...
I get resources from my product vendors in ZIP files. Being able to upload the ZIP file in one action would save time from having to extract the files manually and then upload them to AbanteCart.


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