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Associate resources to products in Media Manager


It would be really nice to be able to associate a resource such as an image, to one or more many products via the Media Manager.

Hmm. Do you propose to manage where resource is linked to within the resource manager.
It is interesting, but I am concerned about UI.

Let me know what you propose in more details. We can think of what we can do.

I am thinking that you could add the "chain link" icon where the "1" is in the first attachment to manage the links of products to the resource. Clicking on that link would show a field similar to the Related Products box, where a product could be added to the collection.

The Resources would then be linked on the respective Products on the Media tab just as they are now.

This is essentially working in the other direction as adding Resources now. Instead of adding resources to products, you can add products to resources.


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