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Do not display price if Block Product Ordering is On

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If Block Product Ordering is on for a Product, the behavior is to display a button directing the customer to Call for Price. If this is the case, the price should not be displayed for the product. Now, I have a bunch of products that are appearing with $0 price...

You have found an interesting small bug.

We will fix it for 1.3.1

I have created a ticket for that.

It is not a bug. The setting "Block Product From Ordering" should put the product to display mode only with no ability to order. It should not hide price

We might need to make it a bit more clear in the settings. This is not call for price feature. But on the other hand, why would you need to block ordering and still show the price.
We need more use cases and demand for these
How many legit businesses need call for price option? I bet most customers want to see the price and avoid monkey business.

I don't disagree with you, but here are some additional use cases:

* The items I sell are too expensive to sell online, but I want to advertise that I carry them. Some projectors cost $25,000+. I may want to limit someone from putting in a false order, or for someone who is seriously considering a purchase on an item that expensive, I want to speak to them personally to make sure it is the right product for them.
* The items have a minimum advertised price that is not competitive. I cannot advertise lower than this MAP price, so instead I ask clients to contact me for quote.
* The price is unknown or changes too frequently to integrate with the store. In this use case, I have not loaded price information into the store yet, I don't have a solid price from supplier or the supplier frequently changes the price so I always prefer to speak to a customer about the application before the sale is completed.
Granted, I have changed the "Call to Order" button to "Call for Quote" but I think the premise remains the same.


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