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Want to move store directory (v1.3) but after copying unable to run


Hi all!  After getting the store set up in the main public_html space, I decided that I wanted to place a landing page with a link to the store.  I attempted to copy everything to a new directory, change the store path in the admin prior to moving (because I couldn't access it after moving everything...), and I still can't get the store to run.  Any suggestions on moving the installed directory paths?  I just want to place in a subdirectory...  It's driving me a little nuts...LOL

Any help would be appreciated!


Generally, you do not need to change much. You need to update your store URL in settings.
Make sure you preserve permissions. copy all files and directories and clear cache after you copy.

Most common issues with a copy is missing files or directory. Double check

So, just an update to this:  I was able to use softaculous to perform a clone of the site, and then delete the old site, as doing an ftp copy didn't seem to work, even after updating the htaccess file and modifying the URL in the settings and making sure the browser cache was clear.  I had also cleared the site cache prior to doing any of the move as well...  Seems the best way was to do the clone - way easier.   ;)

Please read how to Move site from a sub-directory


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