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Nuno Neff:
I want to congratulate you on the many improvements made in this new version, but I think these two should have already been implemented.

Stock Export  <---- This is very useful for inventories.
Category User Group Access.     In admincp -> Categories -> Mark the usergoups that you want to give access to the category.

I have my brother and father bothering my to switch to other software just because of the inventories and invoice system.

I hope i can continue with Abantecart but without these 2 functions in next version it will be difficult to convince them to count everything again when the time comes to make new inventory.


You can export products will all data to CSV file, edit the stock and import https://abantecart.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/AD/pages/14647524/Export

Nuno Neff:
Thank you Basara i will try it ;)

Nuno Neff:
Basara and can you tell me wich should i thick for pulling product name and stock quantities including product options?

When exporting you may select the data products_to_stores, product_options, product_option_values, product_option_value_descriptions

Do not forget to backup and add the first column with the name Action and value update to your CSV file


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