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IS it possible to make an automatic validation of Categories' Images?


I filled the table [resource_descriptions} with relevant information for a thumbnail for a category, i.e. [NAME] and [RESOURCE-PATH]. It is seen in the category in Admin mode and not in the shop.
To make the thumbnail active I have to go to ADMIN and click SAVE and APPLY.

What info is required and which tables have to be modified to complete the same operations which have executed when I click  SAVE and APPLY

Thank you

Hi, i have a similar problem, the script imports the products into the DB. Products are updated in storefront if I turn off and then turn on the main category in admin.

But if I change the status column from 1 to 0 and back, it doesn't work (in DB)

I didn't open a new topic unnecessarily.

Thank you for answer

Please clear the AbanteCart cache in the admin.

thank you! ::)


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