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Dear Mr. Basara,
I tried to follow your instructions regarding an installation of weight-based shipping but without success.
FIrst of all, the manual says: "Go to the Extensions → Shippings". There is no shippingS tag on my screen, there is only SHIPPING. Probably I use a different version?
When I click Shiiping. nothing is there (screen 1)

When I click Extensions Marketplace, I get a chaotic list of shipping and payment-related extentions (impossible neither to sort alfabetically nor search reasonably) All those are chargable. Nothing for weight-based postage.
Does it mean that I have to pay for an installation of weight based postage?

Kind regards

P.S. IMHO Shipping and payment are two completely different types of activities without relations between them; probably it would be better and more clear to list extensioine for them separately?

there is a typo in the manual  (the core devs will correct the typo)

Just click on the Extension > Shipping>  Weight Based
the rest of the manual page is correct.

In the All Extensions > Shipping page should be at least 11 free extensions.
The extensions on the marketplace are 3rd party and can be free or paid.

You did not see extensions because someone removes them or less possible some issue with your installation.
You can find all extensions in AbanteCart github

I need to know more information about the shipment


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