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How to make my website mobile friendly

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HI Everyone

I am having issues making my site mobile device friendly. How do I set this up. It looks amazing on the PC, but not on a mobile device


This depends on many different things.
Most of the time you need to play with content,  image sizes and CSS edits.
Can you share your link?

Being mobile friendly actually important if you have a lot of mobile traffic or in case you think it' important for Google ranks improvement/ 2 different case and different tactics

Currently there are Templates compatible with mobile devices. Unless you are creating your website from scratch.

Jasica James:
Hey Cannabos,
As you know, now a days mobile users are more then pc browser user so it is very important for you to get mobile friendly website so,
there are plenty of ways to make your website mobile friendly:
1) You can get templates that are already mobile friendly
2) You can do css for responsiveness of your website
3)You can hire some good agency to do it for you


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