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Huijun Sun:
Hi Abolabo,

My PHP version is 8.0. And please check the picture, that all the extensions I have installed right now.

BTW, I tried to disable all extensions and still get the same error.
Please help. Thanks.

do you have .htaccess file inside public_html folder?

You can try to rename it and recheck.
If still fail - send me PM with url of your admin side and credentials.

Please note, you have a store in .ca domain zone.
But if you open email templates grid all links goes to (why additional .ca as subfolder ?)
i guess problem is in the redirect settings of your hosting provider CPanel.
Try to ask techsupport about that redirects. Probably it's symlinks issue on host etc.

Huijun Sun:
Hi Abolabo,

Thanks for your support.
I will contact the hosting provider to solve this.

Thanks again.

Huijun Sun:
Hi Abolabo,

I contacted the tech support from the hosting company, they checked and said no redirection and symlinks issue on the host.
What I should do next?
Is it possible that I did something wrong during the installation process?
Please advise.

Truly thanks for your help.



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