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inventory issue


Nuno Neff:
Good afternoon, I'm currently taking an inventory of my products and I've verified that I can't put the cost of a product option, and so it won't give me a correct inventory, the value will be wrong because the options do not allow for input of options COST.

And i have alot of products with options and the options have different cost prices,  would be nice to have an update to the core of Abantecart to add that field.

My best regards.

AbanteCart allows you to enter a price modifier for each of the options values.

Nuno Neff:
Basara im talking about price cost of each product option and not price modifier.

So that when i pull an inventory i get the real values

Abantecart only lets me introduce cost for normal product, the same cost field is missing in the product option.

Nuno Neff:
It´s essential that there is a cost field in the product options so that you can export an inventory with the right values

I have attached an image so you can see exactly what im talking about.


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