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help correcting product grid view

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You can try to find code inside database (table "block_descriptions", column "content"). if your "card" is html-block you'll find it there, but in entity-encoded state.
If this block there - you should to recognize it in the layout.
If not - try to search html-code via cPanel terminal.
google helps
Best regards


--- Quote from: BDLG on July 14, 2021, 05:21:38 PM ---I appreciate the reply, however I have gone as far as disabling every block except the content area re-added the products,

--- End quote ---

Did you modify template files?
Download and compare files with the source

Unfortunately, I could not find the inconsistency. I finally gave up and deleted , then reinstalled Abantecart. So far it is working. One thing I did notice is that it now shows the category above the subcategories listings on the webpage and I believe this is how it should look. It did not show the category before, even from the beginning before I had worked with any of the code.
I appreciate the time you took in looking at this issue for me.


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