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Which is better, WordPress or AbanteCart for e-commerce?


Which is better, WordPress or AbanteCart for e-commerce?

There is a lot to consider. WP was originally made for blogs, but has implemented many ways to make a website without the blogging features, but you will need to put in time to do that.
If you want an actual website with a lot of catagories, products, and a shopping cart and that is easy to learn Abantecart is the way to go. You can actually even combine them (Have a WP site and use Abantecart for the actual shopping cart). They are both going to take a little patience to learn if you are brand new to making your own site.
   Personally I use WP for one page sites that just have info and are not selling anything, and Abantecart for ecommerce because I can customize it any way that I want and it is set up from the beginning to sell.
I hope that helps.

We recently release AbanteCart plugin for Wordpress.
Just add the plugin and paste the embed link to the blog post or page.


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