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"Cannot establish database connection. Check your database connection settings."

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I have no idea what to do .... I have deleted Wamp & Abantecart at least 10 x times each & re-installed again!


(It's 9.15am now & I have been at it since last night 8.20pm ---> 13 hours.)

What is your installation method, is this some kind of auto-installers or did you install AbanteCart manually via web wizard?
What is the AbanteCart version?

Had the same problem and found out the database password can't have special characters (!@#$%^&*), only letters. Try with a simple password.

This means that AbanteCart cannot connect to your database. You will need to know the correct server name/IP, database name, username and password to connect to the database (your web hosting provider should be able to point you in the right direction). Then, on your server, open /public_html/config/config.php and enter the hodt name, user name, password, database name and table prefix into the corresponding fields.


Version 1.3

In my case,  the config.php file content was never generated, precisely because there was an error with the database connection. The config.php file is empty before connecting to the database. As it should, it has to confirm all user parameters before writing that file.

When you check the amysqli.php file where AMySQLi class is defined, the new MSQLI connection parameters, passed to the __construct function, are right, except for the password. The reason is the AbanteCart application converts the special character ampersand (&) in the password, for example, to the corresponding entity (&) saved for future use. That is the reason for the error message: The inputted password at the installation form does not match the password used to access the database before it is saved to config.php file.

I had no way to detect the reason for this error, except debugging the application. Which I did. Maybe somewhere in the documentation there is a warning about using special characters in the MSQL password, but I did not find it. I am new to AbanteCart, anyway.


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