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Like I said, that part I now understand, it was a timeout.
 Take a look at this closer view, maybe that will help with why I feel it is confusing for customer as to why they are on the login page again.
Again, I am just suggesting it may be confusing for the customer, just as I was confused when I had it open for a while.

I do see your point. although in the 7 + yrs we have provided this cart to our many clients each with hundreds of customers  it has never been a reported issue or problem for users.  Perhaps as a starting (again) user you are looking at it with too close of a viewpoint.  Or perhaps the core devs will redesign  how it works in a future release.

Honestly, I noticed it and thought it was odd, but a friend was looking at the site for me, but he had apparently left it for a while (This I wasn't aware of until later, I thought he saw it just after making his test account) and also commented on it . Thats when I started to look at it closer.

Thank you so much for your replies. I do remember your username, you were always great help.  I didnt even think about using my old login to the forum until I noticed a phrase on an old post I was reading and it hit me that it was the old me answering the old post lol

When the customer session is expired the "Unauthenticated customer" feature is starting to work. The wishlist and add to cart will work and the customer name will be shown however if the customer tries to checkout, open the account details he will be asked to login to see secure pages.


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