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Not sure if this it the right section for this.

Having been disappointed at the amount of tweaking other packages needed I finally found AbanteCart and I'm using AbanteCart straight out of the box as I am user and do not want to spend time "developing" a shop. All I've done is fill in information and tick boxes to configure it so far. We are a small club and we just need the equivalent of a very small corner shop.

I have created a product with various options and it all works OK. It's just that there is a huge amount of whitespace under the product icon. You can only see the product details by scrolling down past the options on the righthand side.

Is this what it's supposed to look like? For me, it would look better if the Product Details followed on below the product icon so that they are beside the options. Have I missed a tick box somewhere? Or is it going to need a dreaded tweak?

What you are seeing is expected, as the product details is a wide box that spans the width of both the product's image and all of the options.

OK. I'll leave it as it is then.

Have you thought about adding a block with the information needed in the "Column -Right" in the layout for the product?


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