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Product Datafeed & Add Multiple Products In One Action?


Not sure if this is possible with AbanteCart, looking into an alternative cart that has been in service for many years. The company is wanting to update the back end order process as well as data connections.

The feature that is necessary is the ability to select multiple items and add to cart in one step. This can be done with the current perl cart currently.

Is this possible with AbanteCart and from product data remote connection from an ERP system?

AbanteCart product management is not needed for this project. If this is possible there will be in doubt more Q&A for other order management features. Currently order data is written to an xml file for import remotely.

To help understand this key feature to determine if possible with AbanteCart, view the attachment for reference.

Is there an add on that is available or can be developed to emulate suggested above or like this woocommerce feature?

WooCommerce: How to add multiple products to the cart from one page

Hello jmp100,

What you ask is possible with custom set up and integration implementation to ERP system.
PM to me if you are interested to work with our team.


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