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Is there an option I am missing in AbanteCart Cart 1.213 to have a quantity option available for the Products? I can't find one.
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Please describe your options conditions a bit further.

If your options are to size or color or something like that,  and your customer is only buying one of the options, say they want 3 of the red ones,  then the quantity is managed in the normal method by input in the qty field on the product page.

However,  if you are wanting to allow them to buy 2 red and 3 blue  on the same product page at the same there is currently no way to do that in the options.  They need to buy the red ones and then buy the blue ones.

If the second condition is your goal,  but might look at our extension where we treat Products as options.
It was designed to add the stock tracking of products that are add-ons to a product.

Naw it's the first option. I just want them to have the ability to order a quantity of more than one if desired. There is no quantity option on the product option that I can find. Here's the example:  Scroll down and see the product. It just has an add to cart option rather than a quantity button and then an add to cart. You can only change the quantity in the view shopping cart window. ( I only have one product in the store )


I see the QTY option just fine when I click on the picture of the product.  I see what you mean though, you want then to choose QTY on the main page instead of clicking the picture to get to the product details and the QTY option. I agree with llegrand, an extension may be needed, or you may be able to remove the box (In coding) with the cart in order to force them to click on the first picture

Ah okay. Let me check into it. Thanks.


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