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How to allow a user to download a file using a QR code link


Hi All,

I want to be able to allow a user to scan a QR code and link to a file to download. For example, I want to sell a kit for knitting with the pattern available electronically. However, I only want the holder of the QR code to be able to access that pattern, not just anyone who happens to look at the website. Also, I only want that particular file to be available to the individual, not a page with a load of other patterns on. Does anyone know how I could do this using Abantecart? Many thanks for any help or suggestions.

Sounds like you need to generate unique token/id for your download and encode it to QR code with the link.
This entirely custom process, as I see it, would consist of 2 parts.

1. Backend process or admin that will generate QR code for given customer/download
2. Frontend controller (based on URL in QR code) to validate the token and provide download.


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