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Hi All,

Firstly, apologies if this has already been answered in another post. I’m wondering if there is any way to organise my media files other than the image/audio/PDF etc. In the admin tool part of AbanteCart. I have something like 900 images and as you can imagine it takes an age to scroll through to find the one I want sometimes. I was wondering if it’s possible to set up image sub folders, so for example, wool/double knit, or wool/blue so that I can begin to arrange the images in to some order.

Any help or suggestions gratefully received. Many thanks. :D

Are these media files for products?

One solution that comes to mind, you can name your files (or title) beginning with something that is unique to the group. You can search for that group.

There is no ability to create categories for media files. We can consider adding categories, but there might be more to it and we need to discuss details. 

This is a feature I'd also appreciate.

This is a feature I would also appreciate.

mcpuk file browser allows creating a nested folder structure, and to display preview of images.
I don't know if it was able to create thumbnails in several resolutions. It is quite old codebase. It is for sure working fine, at least with PHP 7.1 and maybe with PHP 7.2 and later.

For a working implementation, it was in use in MODx Evolution 1.1.
Here's the download URL of MODx Evo 1.1 on GitHub :
Mcpuk itself is located in "/manager/media/browser".

It seems that Mcpuk can also be downloded from Sourceforge.
However, the folder stucture of the latest release seems quite different from the one that I can see in MODx Evo.

After this release, the codebase evolved considerably for both MODx Evo (now Evo CMS) and MODx Revolution, so that don't know which file browser they are using nowaday.

The are things that I like in the media browser that AbanteCart is currently using, but for large shops, the ability to organize pictures in a nested folder struture would be highly appreciated.

Can someone please outline how you like to get media files organized?
Do you want to add a group?
Anything else?


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