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Is it possible to change prices in bulk?


Gary Tayman:
I'm sure a lot of us are dealing with this right about now -- prices jumping.

Sure enough, I just got an e-mail from my supplier, their entire product line has gone way up in price.

If it's a single item, or a few items, it's not hard to make the changes.  Simply go to the Products page, type in a key word, an when you see the product in question, simply adjust the price and save.

However I have a number of products (car stereos) that are specific to certain cars.  Although it's only one product, there are several listings.  For example, a model 230 has just gone up in price.  There's a SKU number for a 230 to fit a 1964 Mustang, another to fit a 57 Chevy, etc.  The 230 has pages and pages of SKU numbers, all of them the same price.

Changing the price means cut & paste, cut & paste, and it takes a long time to update them all.  Is there a shortcut somewhere that would allow me to update EVERY 230 in one shot?  This would be a huge timesaver.


Backup, export products then edit CSV table in Excell and import back

Check the 3rd party solution


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