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Image not found or broken when I add Media


I installed AbanteCart using Softaculous and got rid of the sample data. I tried to add media, but get the image not found or broken even when I just add it.  Image doesn't show up in back-end or front-end.

The image is in the resources file.

img src="resources/image/18/7a/3.jpg"

File manager shows the file at above location with 0777 permission

Update: I did a fresh install Version : 1.3.1 at and do not get the images on the sample data

Would appreciate help.

Usually hosts don't like when permissions 777. Try to change to 775


--- Quote from: abolabo on October 06, 2021, 02:25:24 AM ---Usually hosts don't like when permissions 777. Try to change to 775

--- End quote ---

I tried 775 and 755.  still no images.

please check system requirements as specified here:

Just because Softaculous installed the application for you does not mean that the requirements are met. 

AbanteCart version 1.3.1 needs at least PHP 7.3,  and it runs really well on PHP 8.0.

Do you have the STORE URL configured correctly in the Settings?


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