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I'm new to online stores here, so forgive me if I've missed something silly.

Like in a few other threads I have found, I'm getting the "Probably Payment Conflict" message with every order.

The email address in the Paypal Standard extension settings matches the email address I've used on Paypal.  The payments are definitely coming in to our paypal account - I'm getting the paypal email notification and have checked the actual account balance.

Notification message says:

Payment needs manual verification.
Paypal notification details are:
payment_status: Completed

Abantecart dashboard shows order as Complete but total is £0.00 (payment taken is £5.00 in this example).

This is happening for every order and happens instantly and automatically as soon as payment is made.

What am I missing here?

Abantecart version 1.3.1
Extension ID: default_pp_standart

Order Status: Processing
Transaction Method: Sale

Thank you!

Edit: Sorry, realised I've posted this in completely the wrong area.


This error may indicate that totals in the AbanteCart orders are different from paid in Paypal.
Do you have regular checkout or Fast checkout to process payments in AbanteCart
What are your base currency (base store currency) and order currency? https://abantecart.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/AD/pages/6258736/Base+Currency
Do you have any unusual totals in the order like coupons, delivery fees? Send screenshot

We had a client with the same issue -  the fix  was to be sure that all emails  are registered in your PayPal account.

You need both emails in your PayPal account,  this does not affect your PayPal account or how you manage the funds in it.
But it will let PayPal now that the receiver email is a valid one for your Master account.

These are the steps to add the email:
In your PayPal account
Upper right corner, hover over your name
Click on Profile Settings
Select Login and Security on the left pane

On the Email in the right page click on UPDATE
Click on the big + on the top right  to add an email
Add  the email you are using in your AbanteCart store
They will send a verification email to that address,  watch for it and verify it.
Leave your existing email that you access your PayPal with as the Primary

as to the money issue -  check that the type of currency in your PayPal is the same as the currency default in your cart.

Thanks for the reply.

All currencies in the store have been removed, except for GBP.  Value is set at 1

There are no unusual totals that I can see.  Everything other than Total is off in Order Totals.

I believe I have Fast Checkout - screenshot of active extensions is attached.

I've tried to do a bit more digging on this.

Paypal account, Abantecart and payments are all set as GBP.

The email address in the Paypal extension (Your PayPal Email Address:) is the same as my email address within Paypal.

Is there something I'm supposed to do in Paypal with Instant Payment Notifications or authorising Abantecart as a third party or something?


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