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How to Display same category products in individual product description page


Dear friends,
First of all I am really thankful to you abantecart people for developing a such an amazing website. It really helps me alot.
My question is I need to display few same category products underneath the individual product description page. In your data listing sources you only have categories not the products of that category.

I am aware of adding custom blocks and display a collection or related items. 

But I cant use it because I have plenty of categories and lot amount of products. I need to display the related items for currently displaying  product.

* Can I do this with your built in blocks?
* Is there any way to make custom listing data source so i can make a one and add it to blocks?
Your advice is highly appreciated.

The Data Listing block does have various types of Products (Custom Products, Collection. etc)

Thanks @basara for your quick reply.
I think I can't use custom products. lets say i have jewellery product. if  someone watching it there should be other jewelries underneath the product. if someone view birthday card then i need to display birthday cards underneath the products. So I don't think i can use custom products it.
sorry to trouble you.


Check the 3rd party solutions

Thank you Very much.
I just tried to do it my own without spending money.  ;D
I'll see.
Thanks again


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