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banner manager clicks without views


Hi Guys,
I encountered some odd behavior with banner image and banner block.   Some images had been set to off after Christmas last year.  Other images in banner images had been turned on and arranged with sort order  and appear correctly in the home page of the site. 

However,  the banner block , which contained the off images was only turned to off for the block. The new On images have not been added to the block until today. 

The oddity is the reports on banner stats shows clicks for 10 months,  no views. 

My question is why is an OFF condition recording clicks to something that cannot be seen on the site?

This is in AbanteCart 1.3.1,  but occurred from 1.2.16,  and 1.3.0

Are the blocks on the first and second screenshots are same or different blocks with the same name?

They are the same block on the same installation.

1st shot was how it was configured.  The images in the OFF condition in the selection box, and the  adding the click count even though no image was being displayed.

The 2nd shot is the same block after changing the selected images and turning ON the block.


I was not able to reproduce the behavior.


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