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trouble displaying images


Finally got the Products with images CSV import to work properly without any errors.  However,not all my images are being displayed. about 15%of themare either representby a blue Image Icon, Blank Outlined box, or a colasped image area..yet the name and pricing is there..Any one with an idea?  (same format used on all).  Additionally, the information I pulled directly from a fully functional CubeCart installation (UPS) is not working with AbanteCart.

Keep in mind that if you update products with CSV (import) or direct SQL update you will need to clear cache in AbanteCart. This is in System -> Cache.

I'm not a programmer but when I'm getting  the following error message missing at a high rate, a few need uploading, however verified the others in relation to below

2::warning    chmod(): No such file or directory in /hermes/bosoraweb096/b2470/ipg.webspecialbiz/core/lib/image.php on line 72

[my images pics are located in]  /resources/images/myImages

(also a having a problem w/UPS)


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