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Unable to get modal windows to open

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I am building a website with a Store page, into which each product is embedded with the code generated by Abantecart:

<script src=".../store/index.php?rt=r/embed/js" type="text/javascript"></script>
<div style="display:none;" class="abantecart-widget-container" data-url=".../store/" data-css-url=".../store/storefront/view/default/stylesheet/embed.css" data-language="en" data-currency="USD">
   <div id="abc_534" class="abantecart_product" data-product-id="1" data-language="en" data-currency="USD">
      <div class="abantecart_image"></div>
      <h3 class="abantecart_name"></h3>
      <div class="abantecart_price"></div>
      <div class="abantecart_quantity"></div>
      <div class="abantecart_addtocart"></div>

Currently, there are only two products. If I understand the manual correctly, clicking on a product image is supposed to open the corresponding modal window - but doesn't.  Instead, the whole screen greys out and freezes.

Can anyone explain what I'm doing wrong, please?

Check for javascript errors in your browser console

Hello Basara.  No javascript errors either before or after clicking on the image.  The only messages showing in the Chrome console indicate that jquery-migrate-1.4.1.min.js and jquery.min.js (3.5.1) are installed.  Edge browser gave several warnings - see attached.

Only one jQuery can be added to the page

I'm not sure I know what you mean, but I've tried it with and without the jquery-migrate.  No difference.


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