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Unable to get modal windows to open

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Going to the store itself (i.e. at  .../store/index.php) and then clicking on either of the two products works fine - the product-specific page appears as expected.  So the problem must be something to do with the modal windows. Does anybody have any ideas on what else I could try?  I need to resolve this asap.

I am very disappointed that there has been no further follow-up on this problem. The page on which I'm trying to get Abantecart working is very simple, so I would expect it should be easy to debug.  In desperation, I started from scratch and downloaded a fresh copy of Abantecart and rebuilt the system on my GoDaddy server, but it made no difference - the modal windows still won't open.

It's a shame, because the functionality of Abantecart looks great, but if it doesn't work it's useless.


You have a CSS rules conflict.
Please add the following rule to your page style

--- Code: ---.fade:not(.not) {
opacity: 1 !important;
--- End code ---

Issue reported to bug tracker

Thank you Basara!  That did the trick.


--- Quote from: Karmelga on December 13, 2021, 01:29:22 AM ---Thank you Basara!  That did the trick.

--- End quote ---
Thank you for reporting!


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