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Customize plug-in solutions according to needs


1. Propose customization requirements and open voting stage (10-30 days). When a certain number of votes is reached, the technical side will consider arranging customized products
2. Users who need this custom function pay, if 10 people need it, the total cost is 100 US dollars, each person pays 10 US dollars, if 20 people need it, each 5 US dollars...
3. After the first batch of users purchase, the plug-in can be released and sold in the plug-in market at a price
4. If no one joins in the voting stage, the technical staff will set the price. If the person posting the vote is willing to pay the full amount of custom development, he can also develop this function separately for him, and the same can be put into the plug-in market and sold to others after the development is completed.
With this function, people who use the mall can customize the program according to their needs. The official platform can also draw part of the service fee from it. The development work can be handed over to highly acclaimed plug-in authors, or directly developed by the official.
Over time, it will speed up the establishment of system functions, and plug-ins will become more abundant.

My opinion is the proposed location of the request being on the cart Admin panel is the wrong place.
The better place IMO remains on the forum board.

Nuno Neff:
The idea is good, any idea that will bring more extensions to the marketplace is great.

Can any one help me about how i can get live share price related to website plugin or api on my ]website


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