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fa fa icons not displayed properly.

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Dear AbanteCart Forum Admins/Members,

fa fa icons not properly displayed with its own icons (only displayed as square indication) in non-www site, when authorised www site in our Admin panel and vise versa (www site not displayed, when authorised non-www site).

How can solve the problem without using 301 redirections?


Looks like some CSS files are not loaded for fontawesome.
Do you use CDN?
Open your browser with the develop option on the network. See of all resources are loaded and there are no errors.

Dear Abantecart Forum Member,

Please give your solutions with simply knowing to the beginners.


Check what is your store URL in the AbanteCart settings.

Set the redirect in your htaccess file or hosting panel to valid store url

Dear Forum Basara (Admin),

Thanks for your guidelines. If using 301 redirections in our htaccess file, Bing Search Engine not accept the redirections. So, we lose our Top Ranking in Bing Search. So, please guide us to avoid 301 redirections and give any other solutions in this regard.

Note: We have added 301 redirections, Bing Search Enginer decreases our product page. We have remove the 301 redirections.



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