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Nuno Neff:
I wanted to use the quantity discount function, which I think is a fantastic tool to sell more,
but this function in Abantecart is poorly done, you just let us make a discount of X value, there is no percentage option,
I'll give an example so you can understand better what I mean.

Im Selling a hammer for 10$ on my site

And then i add 3 options of discount by quantity

2 hammers = 9$ each
4 hammers = 8,50$ each
6 hammers = 7,50$ each

Basically I made a discount of x value based on the order quantity, there should be a percentage discount option,
and if the sale price of the product was changed from 10 to 11 dollars, the discount amount would be automatically adjusted.

The core devs should add that function, so people don't have to keep deleting the quantity discounts because the price of the product has gone up, you just need to change the price of the product and the percentage discounts remain the same.

My best regards.

Hi Devs,

I agree with Nuno,  this would add the same functionality that the Specials already provide - a fixed dollar amount or a % change for the selling price. 

Please give this serious consideration for the next version.


Nuno Neff:
Very nice to see that my idea was implemented in 1.3.3 Great work Abantecart ;)


--- Quote from: Nuno Neff on August 09, 2022, 09:04:36 AM ---Very nice to see that my idea was implemented in 1.3.3 Great work Abantecart ;)

--- End quote ---

Thanks you Nuno Neff and llegrand  :D


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