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A way to see what a customer searched for in terms of products


Mahomed Dawood:
Hi all

Is there a way for us to see what a customer searched for in terms of products on our website .

eg: product not found.....what were they looking for?

There is no such feature in the core


I'm new here and came accross this question posted months ago. But I'd like to share.
Try to search the product yourself using possible keywords and browser should show the most search phrase being used, and then use that phrase, including common wnrog spelilng because some are not fmailiar with the correct spelling.  Or the most common name being used in searches, not the official name.
For example most non technical people would search for "screws" instead of "bolts" for "bolts and nut" products.  In my case selling electrical stuff like electrical connectors, I noticed perople searching for "adaptor" instead of "connector" from where I am. Locality matters, because we have different terms for products.

Thank you

You should add synonyms to the description, product name or blurb (short description) and use an advanced search like Elastic search (elastic search service required)

While you're searching, check out the “predictive search” terms. Google is telling you exactly what people are searching for that is related to your search query. These are terms your potential customers are using to find businesses like yours. And, they are terms your competitors are using in their content.


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