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Is there a valid reason as to why there is no Placeholder input field in Selectbox and checkbox in global attributes?
There is a Placeholder field in input type.

For admins you have the same option setting for a lot of products -  it is time consuming to have to input that each time into a new product  and it is easy to forget the necessity for doing it.

I have created a new ticket on Github. Please subscribe to get updates

thank you


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Thank you for your report

Hi again,
Since you are going to look at the Placeholder  can you please consider looking at the option values in checkbox?   You provide Element values in selectbox but it would be helpful to have values in checkbox also.

And one other thing  that I am not sure where it issue resides,  but when one clones a product -  the placeholder and values  in the originating product do NOT clone to the new product (copy)
I had tried to use cloning as a way to overcome the lack of missing fields,  but no success.
Is there some reason I am failing in the cloning.



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